Our Journey

NoBlueLine.com is the journal of a man wrongfully accused by a sick manipulating woman, a wife. Through the torture of infidelity, the madness of a habitual lying, and her ability to exploit an already “Mommy-centric” judicial system to her advantage this is a story of hope for all fathers in the system fighting for their children.

Our mission is to help you understand 
yourself, what is happening, leaving the past behind and how to move forward to the future you always wanted!

Hi, I am grateful to help anyone that reads this journey and find the hope that is within your reach to succeed with overcoming tragic loss. I hope you enjoy the story, the remedies, the insight and the motivation to begin a new life. 

All I can say is “Thank You”!

We hope you enjoy reading this story of one Man’s journey to fight for his family. Although this story is a tragedy, we hope you can take inspiration from the on-going fight out of insanity and our resolve in our new plight to continuously prosper above tragic loss.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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