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We are passionate about helping people to have the Second Chance they deserve. We want to help you Re-Build your Life to realize your Dreams.

Rising Again, the Founder’s Story

This forum was founded to help anyone to get that Second Chance they deserve to prosper and learn to Never Give Up.

Several years ago, I found myself facing the greatest and most horrific challenge of my life. I lived through a nightmare. A nightmare that not even Rod Sterling of the famed Twilight Zone could have imagined. However, the nightmare was merely a prelude of the pain that followed. In comparison, the deluge of problems caused from the aftermath proved to be the most overwhelming and difficult journey to overcome.

I was a victim of False Allegations. The allegations landed me in jail. Yet, I was able to fight to prove my innocence. I was released from jail and eventually won my innocence through a lengthy trial. I had hoped and fought to clear my name, or at least that is what I thought.

My wife at the time who fabricated the False Allegations had other plans. She decided to fabricate another incident with additional False Allegations. The nightmare began again. I faced the challenge. Steadfast in my truth I fought these False Allegations too and won. I thought my life was going to begin again. I was happy. I was strong. I held passion for the future, but I found that my life would shortly be turned upside-down. Once again, False Accusations and/or Allegations put me into another fight for my family.

Although I was never convicted, the crimes alleged are “Badges of Dishonor” and are very uncomfortable to discuss. The experiences I endured were painfully difficult, yet they changed me for the best once I realized what it meant.

Yet for the strong that must overcome major obstacles to get that Second Chance, fulfill their dreams, or enrich their Life, we are here to show you that there are resources, changes in mindset, and alternatives that we can utilize to fulfill our success.

So, if you are a victim of:

False Allegations

False Accusations

Parental Alienation

High Conflict Divorce



Being Framed by a “Loved One”

Or, Just Simply feeling Defeated


We want to help you to overcome the shame, pain and emotional beat down that comes with that experience. There is more to your trauma or tragedy.

Thank you,


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