Living with a Liar
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Living with a Liar

Beginning of my “Nightmare”

In midst of shutting down my business and filling for bankruptcy, I did not think my life could get any worse. I was living in fear of uncertainty. Could I get a job? Would I lose the house? Could I beat this depression and rebuild my self-esteem? Would my partners who embezzled my working capital ever repay me?

It was during this time that I began to uncover that not only where my business partners liars, but I found myself surrounded by pathological liars. It’s daunting to come to that realization especially when you are broken down financially and personally.

As I was closing the business I began to work different hours. I found myself home more during the morning and working later at night. Most of my time was spent with advisers, lawyers, consultants, and accountants as I tried to get at least some money that was owed to me. I was desperate for money to survive. However, I also was constantly thinking about the future, how and where I could get a job, and how I was a failure. It was a very dark time of personal introspection and fear of the unknown. Simply, I felt that I left myself down as well as my family.

I could not believe that I let these problems happen. Since my mind was inundated with worry, I was not focused at what was really going on with my family life accept to show up home as Dad.


Beginning of the Lies

Prior to this time, I had the feeling that something was amiss in my marital relationship. Spending more time at home these feelings became more discernible. Evidence of infidelity was blatant, but when I would broach the subject (… or, simply ask a straight forward yes or no question) I would always get an elaborate lie. The answer was always “no!” with some convoluted explanation.

As the needs of my time to shut the business down dwindled, I grew ever more suspicious of the lies and what my wife was up to.


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  1. Yea, what a messed up problem. You can never trust liars, especially women. I lived with a pathological liar too

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