Police Interview Interrogation Techniques

Police Interview Interrogation Techniques

The Take Down

I found myself cuffed and confined. Yes, I was in my family room. Soon I was berated by officers with questions. They wanted to know what happened months ago. They argued, “you know what happened you fagot.” They kept referring to the incident. When I would question what was going on, all they could iterate were ignorant expletives, “you know what you did, and you know what happens to you guys in prison?” “What?” I kept thinking to myself. Some slack jawed yocal cop uttered, “Yea, you get raped you piece of s***!” Well, what else would you expect from belligerent blowhards?

As I sat there yet to be read my Miranda rights, they questioned where is the “black bag?” Ah ha, at that moment some clarity reached me. These cops more than likely set this whole situation up. The text and the phone conversations with the Nanny. They were probably listening and recording all interactions as they orchestrated the take down arrest in my home.

Once they realized that I was not biting on providing any conversation, I was escorted to a police car where I was thrown into the back of the car like some scum bag. I was still overcoming complications with a recent broken bone in my leg and was wearing some sort of mobilizer. It made no difference to them as they forced me into the back of the squad car.

I was then informed that they were going tow my car, seize all my computers (including a work issued lap top) and all cell phones. I was then taken to the station and processed on charges for child sexual abuse, however I was never formally told of the specific charges that were alleged against me, nor the what the “incident” was. I would later get a glimpse of what the incident was during the interrogation.

Interrogation … Good Cop / Bad Cop

Most of us have seen some sort of interrogation on television with the imagery of bright lights shown into your face as you speak and confess. My experience was a completely psychological manipulation that lasted somewhere from four and half to six hours.

The interrogation consisted of me, a good cop and a bad cop. The bad cop persona was played by the older detective while the good cop was a younger investigator. Since I had been at my attorney’s office that day, I asked if I could quickly call him. When the investigators questioned “why,” I simply said that I wanted to ask him if it would be appropriate for me to speak with the police without him present. With them salivating at the opportunity they allowed me to make the call. However, the bad cop took my phone to make the call and walked out of the room to explain my charges in some detail to my lawyer.

After speaking with my attorney who was well versed in what had been happening in the last few months, I agreed to be questioned. This was the first time anyone had mentioned that I was being charged with some sort of sexual crime against children, but not in great detail. He told me to tell the investigators exactly what I have explained to him what was going on in my life with all the manipulation, lies and infidelity.

Please note, do not speak to the police and do not speak with any investigator from child services! The temptation to do so to explain or prove your innocence is overwhelming, but just do not do it! They will do everything in their power to distort your words or actions. It is best to Not Speak to Anyone without your attorney present.

After a few hours of somewhat casual conversation, they stepped up their game. They became more persistent in there questioning and my false innocence of the crime. They made statements like why do you continue to lie. Your children were here earlier, and they said you did it, we witnessed it. Why would your daughter repeatedly say Daddy touched me there (motioning toward her genitals).  They brought a picture of a collage that my children had made for school and through it on the table. They asked me to look at it, and I did. My emotions were racing with my feelings of fear as I sat there thinking “how could this be and why did it come to this?” The bad cop kept insisting for me to look at the pictures. He then would go through each child’s picture certain that I was looking with him. “How could you do this to your family?” he would say. I kept repeating my version of events that it just never happenend and I was being railroaded by my wife & her boyfriend. It was only weeks ago that I accused her boyfriend of such an act I kept thinking to myself. I knew that I had the texts in the phone that could prove a lot of this nonesense, but was afraid to share it at this point. Again, more emotional / psychological pressure was forced to get me to break …. Bad cop would go through the pictures again stopping at my daughter’s photo seeking an emotional response saying things like, “just tell us” … “it will be easier” … “you can get help” … when I would respond that it was probably the boyfriend, good cop would nod and smile and bad cop would reply, “Yea, but your daughter never mentions him only that you did it … for god’s sake , just admit it and we can help you now!” I still maintained my innocence that nothing happened that could even be construed as this horrible act. At some point, they said “Ok, then are you willing to take a lie detector?” I thought and said, “yes,” but I just wanted to confirm it with my attorney. Bad cop stood up in disgust and said, “Why, he gave you authorization to talk now why would the lie detector matter?” I would respond in my defense that I wanted his confirmation to do so. After this went back and forth without a call to my attorney I finally said “Go for it, I want a lie detector now!”

Again, please do not speak to police or any other caseworker investigator at all. They will spin your words. They are not interested in your innocence. In fact, they are motivated purely to get convictions. Sexual crimes against children are the easiest crimes to convict. In the real world we believe that all men are innocent until proven guilty, but in this situation you are guilty until you prove your innocence!

Both investigators left the room. Eventually, they came back in to say the lie detector administrator was on his way. They proceeded back to the interrogation quickly recapping what I said and then onto their assault to get me to confess. Again, they showed me the collage in effort to break me down. Again, they asked me how I felt about my daughter and how I could commit such a crime. I asked the again, “When will this f***ing lie detector admin come?” He is coming they reassured. At this point, I began to argue with the bad cop as to why I was in this position. I questioned him that I knew that my father-in-law was in “thick as thieves” with this police force. He coped an attitude with me in defense of his integrity “Do you think that I would subject myself or my career for someone?” “Really, why would I do that?” I did not go any further into that debate because I was hopeful that I could use this angle later.

Again, bad cop went on his “ethical rampage” crusade, “How can you explain that your daughter’s hymen is broken?” … “who did that?” … “You know who did that!” I broke down, I could not get the thought out of my head. I spoke out, “My daughter’s hymen is broken?” “Yes” he insisted. With all the emotion in my body I screamed “Then, why are you not considering that motherf***ing boyfriend and his mother!”  What the fuck is going on here? Bad cop exclaimed, “Your daughter’s hymen is broke and you know why.” He explained further that he was at the hospital when the doctor told him that my daughter’s hymen was broken. At that point, I asked again for the lie detector guy, and insisted on an exam immediately. The interrogation abruptly stopped. They said he was still coming but at this point we might as well put you in a cell to wait. Through out the evening as I was checked I kept asking for the lie detector, but it never came. Early the next morning I was escorted to another county jail to await a judge.

Good cop, was always there to keep notes and go back through them to see if anywhere along the line my story changed, but my story never deviated.

I knew that my wife was behind all this, but her Father’s relationship with the Police must be the driving force. Among all the other emotions I was feeling, I could not believe that my wife could do this. It was simply pure evil.


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