Signs of a Cheating Wife

Signs of a Cheating Wife

Cheating Wife Quotes

For years I was “duped” into the overnight girls’ night out. Once she got away with that lie, the lies became more prevalent and the overnight girls’ night turned into two nights. Then, the good ole’ extended weekend began to occur. Yes, I used to get so frustrated and angry about all the additional lies to cover up the nonsense like “I am so hungover that now I have a migraine … I can’t drive … etc.”

I began to understand that I was living in a world that was completely “set up” by a manipulating liar. Every move was calculated. For example, I would receive an intentional call while at the office timed specifically when sharing the same space with my personal assistant who worked part-time. The liar knew that I would not confront her while in that situation. At that point, I would not expose the liar and question all the nonsense because of the deep fear that my staff would learn the truth of my circumstances. The fear and humiliation would have cripple me.

Everything was orchestrated and whenever the liar was questioned a common response was “Well, I told you” with some sort of additional lie to support the web.

Cheating Wife Exposed

When times were good financially, every summer I would rent a beach house for family for an extended time. This afforded me time alone to work on my business during the week and enjoy weekends with my family. As you might guess, this provided the manipulator ample time to lead her “double life” at the extent of my children witnessing the entire affair. As I grew more suspicious, I began to look for the opportunity to expose the affair and all the cumulative lies associated. This never ended well.

Besides my suspect of random phone calls and mysterious texts coming in the night, I knew something was going on at that beach house. One weekend when I arrived at the beach no one was at the home. As I entered the front hallway I was greeted by the aroma of stale alcohol. Almost as pervasive as a college fraternity house. When I opened the coat closet I found a half drank beer and found another empty beer in the bathroom, but when I walked up to the second-floor kitchen my attention turned to the trash where I found two liters of hard liquor. Now, I knew there was a real problem, an affair and addict’s fantasy worl. Moreover, my eldest son when confronted alone about his week spilled the beans. He said that there was a fireman living with the family. Much to his dismay my son said, “Yea Daddy, but he cannot be a good fireman because there was a fire in the kitchen that Mommy had to put out because the fireman just stood there.” Obviously, I was flabbergasted and fearful of my children’s safety. Later my son would aver, “I hate it when the fireman is here because he will not allow me to sleep in Mommy’s bed with them.

I do not recall how I reacted at that time to confront the liar and affair, but I do know that I was fed many lies that made no sense. This is where I first saw an explosive temper. When you push a manipulating liar to clarify their lies or you try to investigate or interrogate, they lose their temper and try to emotionally blackmail you. I assume that may have been the first time that I left my wife over her affair, however I did eventually come back. I always made the same mistake. I would leave and then come back. It is as if she knew this could predict my behavior as well as manipulate the circumstances for my return.

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  1. Interesting cheating wife quotes as my brother is experience a similar circumstance. It is almost identical. Cheaters always lie and turn worlds upside-down. There is no more trust in marriage. I feel for you and your children! Sounds like your wife was an addict as well.

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