Signs of an Emotional Manipulator and a Cheating Wife

Signs of an Emotional Manipulator and a Cheating Wife

How to Get over a Cheating Wife

The collapse of my world did not happen overnight. It was slow, sure and then swift. As I began to uncover the infidelity and lies, a lover’s triangle emerged. Eventually, their bond grew stronger, yet I was still being sold her resolve to improve our world. However, the force of two parties competing for one’s time and attention is difficult to manage. The web of lies

Immersed in the manipulator’s world, your own uncertainty and impaired emotional maturity fails you. You are too fixated in the web of lies. As you gain more intelligence about the affair, you gain the strength to confront and accuse your manipulator. You try gunnysacking them to clearly depict that you know you have been wronged, but you never get the confirmation sought. The responses are just more lies.

Signs of Cheating Wife

Deceit runs rampant. The lies take on a life of their own, and again you are caught up in the “web”. However, the manipulator’s web of lies is just that. Eventually the lies become so blatantly obvious you curse yourself for even entertaining listening to them. At this point the triangle took new life, the differential forces pulled the triangle in separate directions. In my resolve to uncover and confirm my understanding of truth to the manipulator, as well as her lover demanding more attention, the dynamic of the triangle changed over time.

Absorbed in my despair and unwilling to act, I began to set myself up for disaster. In fact, I had a therapist strongly warn me to get out, but I did not listen. Little by little, I allowed small disastrous moments to occur. I lost control. However, I never had control, but neither did the other side at that moment. All control was held by the manipulator and the lies. Again, the other side would rally for more control, but that could never contend with what the Liar really desired. All the Liar wanted was to remain in her fantasy party world without letting go of her once comfortable home life. Although the fantasy world provided the reality break, the romance and fueled the consumption of the Party, it could not financially support it.

Yes, the money and lifestyle I supported was far too great to jeopardize. This as well as the love for my children and my hope of fixing the situation is what caused this time to linger over several years.

Two committed monstrous minds are greater than one.

Now as money got tight and the lifestyle was in jeopardy, the other side saw great opportunity to act. Soon after the two came together, worlds were no longer colliding, and my life was about to be turned upside down.

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