Small Steps

Everything Big, starts with something Little.

All successful people are faithful in the small things. As such, there is power in taking small steps.

Most people are not moving forward because they are not willing or personally invested to even take one small step forward. If you have a certain dream to go into any particular area, please take the opportunity – no matter how small – to move in the direction of your dream.

Do not be afraid to take small steps.

There is something powerful about momentum … no matter how small. Many times, the impossible is simply never tried.

I can remember a time in my life when I was immobilized with fear. I was overly consumed with what I thought I “was supposed to do.” It weighed heavily on me, and I was unable to bring myself to face it. A friend came to me and spoke two simple words that finally broke my paralysis. He said, “Do something!” Absolutely incredible advice. By simply taking some small seemingly insignificant steps, momentum began to come into my life.

If you find yourself or your life in some point of paralysis because of what you feel “you are supposed to do,” believe in the two simple words, “Do something!” Do not worry about any long-term goal. Just take the steps that get you past the starting point. With time you will get to a point of no return. As you climb higher in your daily pursuits, you will be able to see much farther.

As you begin, please do not be afraid. Eric Hoffer once said, “Fear of becoming a ‘has-been’ keeps some people from becoming anything.” It can be seemingly overwhelming to realize that a great idea you have today is impossible because your mind will not let you. But little goals add up, and they add up rapidly. Most people do not succeed because they are too afraid to even try or begin. As such, these people decide in advance that they are going to fail.

Many times the final goal seems to be so unreachable or unobtainable that we decide not to make an effort. However, once you have made your decision and some commitment to get started, you will feel like you are half way there. Just Start matter what the circumstances may be. Take that first initial step!



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