What to do when falsely accused of child abuse

What to do when falsely accused of child abuse

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My “Nightmare”

This is a true story of the “nightmare” that I lived through, and from this experience gained tremendous personal strength.

I share this personal story with you in effort to help anyone that finds them self being falsely accused of child abuse to provide support and inspiration.

If you are currently in legal court proceedings fighting false child sexual abuse allegations, I completely emphasize with your plight. Hopefully, these posts will help you gain perspective to overcome this tragedy and acknowledge that you are “not alone.”

Allegations for child sexual abuse (as heinous as they are …) are extremely difficult to fight. When the allegations move into the court system whether Family or Criminal, the alleged perpetrator finds that he/she is “guilty” in the eyes of all parties working within “the system” and must prove their innocence. This situation unfortunately is not like our civics’ class memory “that all our innocent until proven guilty!”

The fear of being locked-up for a crime that you would never commit, or the thought that you would be accused of such heinous allegations is overwhelming. The burden of the intense psychological pain that a “loved one” has even accused you! The accusation steals your life. The trauma of it all, the unwarranted shame, the fear of the unknown, and the gut wrenching thoughts and feelings you have for your children is unbearable. Moreover, the fear of losing the case only to meet a certain lengthy prison sentence and your life destroyed by being put on sexual offenders list is forever daunting.

There is much you must do when wrongfully accused of child abuse. First, you must be determined to fight. Fight the agony and fight for your rights, as well as your children!

There is hope.


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  1. False accusations are growing in the U.S. especially during divorce and drawn out custody battles in high conflict relationships. This is truly a male dilemma as 99% of the cases are initiated by women in effort to take the upper hand (or, slimmy) in the situation. My brother is going through the same circumstance and does not have much money to fight. As such, he spent about six months in jail until bail was made. We are all hopeful that he can fight this as we know for sure the allegation is false.

  2. False accusations have kept a good friend of mine behind bars while he awaits trial. This man is petrified of what could possibly come. It’s shameful that any woman or wife can simply make these allegations and all authorities have to believe them or at least act in the best interest of children. I can’t believe we live in such a society. This whole Kavanaugh thing has made ne sick and I do believe that all men or young adults could at any point be falsely accused. Per my friend, I know no other father who went out of his way to help and protect his children. He even time and time again tried to help his wife and work on their relationship … meanwhile she just kept lying to him and always running off with her derelict boyfriend leaving him home to take care of his kids. Is there anything he can do to protect himself? I agree with you that this is one crime that you are guilty until proven innocent.

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